As the business world adjusts to new realities and ways working, making the most of every dollar spent now matters more than ever before. To help you maximise the return on your marketing spend we would like to invite you to attend and participate in our live stream Marketing ROI video Q&A series.


On August 28 Which-50 and Marketo will host the first of three special interactive video Q&A for marketers in New Zealand and Australia about how to generate the best return from your marketing technology investments.


More like a TV panel than a traditional webcast, our Marketing ROI show will feature video vox pops from marketing and ecommerce leaders about their own experiences and our panel will respond to these examples drawing on their own insights and experiences.


And of course, audience members can ask their own questions and share their own insights.


In this, the first episode our experts will discuss;


  1. The new pressures on marketing budgets

  2. How strategy informs platform selection

  3. How to make sure your team is equipped to use the tools you provide them

  4. And how to best measure marketing performance to optimise campaigns and maximise ROI

The event will be streamed live in Australia (AEST) at 10 am and 12 pm in New Zealand on August 28

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Andrew Birmingham

Editor in Chief of

Andrew Birmingham is the Editor in Chief of He is the former associate publisher of The Australian Financial Review  

Nicole McInnes.png

Nicole McInnes

Director, Marketing & Commercial

Weight Watchers

Nicole is a unique marketing leader, bringing a deep passion for technology and human behaviour to every customer interaction. Director of Marketing and Commercial at WW ANZ (formerly weight watchers), Nicole is tasked with amplifying the WW vision "To inspire healthy habits for life" and grow the global brand locally to ensure more Aussies and Kiwis are reaping the benefits of the wellness and healthy habits the WW experience brings.  

Steffen Daleng.png

Steffen Daleng

Chief Marketing Officer


Steffen serves as Chief Marketing Officer at Booktopia. The Telstra People's Choice Winner, and Bookstore of the year 2019. Booktopia is a pure play online retailer selling an item every 6 seconds and shipping more than 5 million units a year. While Booktopia is a 15-year-old Australian startup success story, the team is now 250 people strong and in double-digit revenue growth.


Rebecca Alvarado

Automation Marketing Specialist

Global Payments AU/NZ

Rebecca has been working in the automation space for 5 years and is passionate about creating awesome marketing tech stacks. One of the things she enjoys most about her role is creating seamless end to end experience for customers and driving insights to the wider team. Rebecca is passionate about sharing her knowledge with emerging marketing professionals and hopes to help inspire future leaders in this space