Perceptions of Cloud Computing in Government

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The Australian government sector is a significant user of the public Cloud and spent almost $A1 billion ($US702 million) on it in 2018, according to Deloitte Access Economics. 

Now, in 2020, this whitepaper explores:

  • The progress of cloud computing in the Commonwealth Government, the attitudes of senior executives and industry leaders, the criticality of security, and impediments that keep agencies and departments on the sidelines.

  • The benefits government IT leaders believe cloud can provide, such as increasing the speed of delivering new platforms which allow for continuous improvement, providing easier access to services, and reducing the effort needed for maintenance, while allowing agencies to focus on improving service delivery.

  • Recent research by industry analysts and leading management consultants to help readers better understand the current state of play. 

  • The genuine productivity benefits and transformational opportunities that result from cloud computing, yet the confusion that still remains on some levels, as well as security fears.

  • The view of technology leaders in and around the Commonwealth Government to understand the issues  concerning government guidance and policy related to Cloud services.

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