A Mystery Donor's Look at the Online Giving Experience

The Global Online Fundraising Scorecard - Digital Edition - Salesforce project.jpg

The business model of the not-for-profit sector relies on meaningfully engaging donors by providing a simple and streamlined giving experience.

We know that user experience is key to customer acquisition and retention, and the not-for-profit sector is no different. As technology exponentially advances, so do user expectations.

The opportunities for donor engagement include improvements to the email subscription process, better targeted EDMs, more compelling communication around the reasons to give and reducing frictions in the donor experience.

Organisations need to refine and optimise their communications practices so generate better relationships with donors and encourage recurrent donations.

In a global partnership with Next After institute, Salesforce.org and Donor Republic recently explored the online experience of 630 non-profit organisations in 9 countries through the lens of a donor. This research set out to answer key online fundraising experience questions like:

  • How easy is it to sign up for email?

  • How many emails are nonprofits sending to their subscribers? Their donors?

  • How are nonprofits focusing on recurring giving on their donation pages?

You can now download the full 128-page report below. You’ll find eight key recommendations, a host of actionable tips, plus benchmarking results from Australian nonprofits that can help your digital fundraising efforts.

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